History of Chantiers Quelart

Establishment of the company «CHANTIERS QUELART» by José called «Pépito» Quelart. The company began its activity with the control and sale of liferafts from British and German brands.

The development of Yachting market boosted the activity of «CHANTIERS QUELART» and tourism boom created a new market, the equipment of passenger boat.

Patrick Laveder
and Laurent Bayers, working for 10 years in safety equipment on board, bought the company « CHANTIERS QUELART ».

Quickly follow :

  • the creation of a firefighting Department
  • the creation of a safety equipment Department
  • the move to workshops more suited to the increasing activity.


With a view to adapting to increased size of yachts and draconian standards of manufacturers, « CHANTIERS QUELART » moved to 600m² workshops including 1000m² outside storage. In order to get the most prestigious classifications and to satisfy our customers demands, the company made new installations:

  • an air-conditioned and independent workshop for the control of leisure liferafts,
  • an air-conditioned and independent workshop for the control of SOLAS liferafts,
  • the acquisition of a refilling device for CO2 cylinders,
  • the acquisition of a truck equipped with a cran.


Since 2001, « CHANTIERS QUELART » still works on the concept of quality, rigor, delivery time and above all the compliance of its installations from the classifications GL, Lloyd’s, Rina, ABS and Affaires maritimes, but also the approvals of the world’s largest manufacturers of survival and firefighting equipment.

2010, « CHANTIERS QUELART » expands its business in control and sale of inflatable lifejacket, foam lifejacket, immersion suit thanks to:

  • the set-up of an independent workshop equipped with different test devices,
  • the first obtaining approval of control by manufacturers.


A new activity took place: control and sale of breathing apparatus and EEBD

  • the acquisition of a breathing air compressor of 300 bars refilling capacity,
  • the obtaining approval by the largest manufacturers and yachting classifications.


2015, « CHANTIERS QUELART » focused on firefighting department and improved its equipment with:

  • the acquisition of a FM200/HFC227 refilling device,
  • the obtaining approval by SEA-FIRE as a maintenance workshop and after-sale service,
  • the non-stop storage of 100 kg NOVEC, 300 kg FM200/HFC227 and CO2.


2022 “Chantiers Quelart expands its activity with the acquisition of a machine to retest cylinders and test fire hoses”

  • With 4x hydraulic test benches
  • 4x Bottle drying benches
  • 450 Max pressure


Nowadays, « CHANTIERS QUELART » still keeps on increase with a staff of 10 people, a new open space office of 50 square meters and a fleet of 3 vehicles for onboard collect and delivery.